10 Game-Changing Google Chrome Extensions for Remote Learning

What is a Google Chrome extension?

Answer: A Google Chrome extension is essentially an app that you can use with your Google chrome web browser. It makes the browser more functional and gives you more options for daily use.

These 10 Google Chrome extensions will change your LIFE for remote learning activities. These are my favorites so far and I highly recommend that you try them out to help support your students and yourself as you prepare online work for them.

1. Insert Learning

Insert learning is simply awesome. You can pick any article online, add questions directly on top of the article you find, and share the questions with students on Google classroom. The best part? You can create these engaging assignments in MINUTES! I wish I would have known about this extension sooner.

2. Screencastify

Share a video of your screen with or without your face with your students! Want to talk along a presentation? Want to show students where to click on Google classroom? Screencastify saves videos directly to your Google drive. Do you want to know the best part? The premium version is currently FREE if you use the code CAST_COVID.

3. Google Scholar Button

Can we please teach students how to cite their sources efficiently and accurately? If students are looking at a scholarly article and they click this button, it will automatically generate the APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and Vancouver citations. This is also good if you are thinking about going back for another degree! If only I had used this in college…

4. Google Dictionary

Tell your students to add this onto their Google chrome web browser. This is helpful for ALL students because if they get to a word they do not recognize, all they have to do is click on it and the definition will immediately POP UP above the word. I also love that you can click on the volume button and it will read the word out loud to you. This is amazing for struggling readers and for gifted students who want to extend their vocabulary.


Who doesn’t love a gif? Gifs are a great way to make your presentations more engaging for students. They will ultimately put a smile on your students’ faces and motivate them to click on your presentation. Laughing during learning is OKAY PEOPLE!

6. Bitmoji

Bitmojis have been crazy popular in the education world recently. Bitmoji creates an animated character that looks just like you! These are great to include in your presentations. My favorite part about bitmoji is if you type a caption in the search bar it will generate a a cartoon of you with the saying above your head. This is GREAT for encouraging students to use vocabulary. Just right click on the image you want and paste it into your presentation!

7. Current

If you are not stressed out about at home learning, you are LYING! I am kidding…but really if you are not, tell me all of your secrets. I have been using current as a way to decrease stress and unwind. It attaches to your web browser so every time you open a new tab you have a calm reminder. This has helped my mental health drastically these past few weeks! There is also an option to do morning and afternoon meditations.

8. Google Meet Grid View

Image received from Grid View Extension Site

Do you want you and your students to look like The Brady Bunch? Add this chrome extension and you will be able to see ALL of your students at the same time. Previously, Google Meet only showed students one at a time and it was hard to tell if everyone was on the same page. I LOVE this option and would much rather see all of my students all at once.

9. Google Meet Nod

ANOTHER extension to improve your Google Meet experience is the Nod extension. If students add this to their Google chrome, while they are muted they can send you little emojis during your Google Meet presentation. This is a great way for them to communicate with you during the meet without causing any disruptions.

10. Grammarly

Image received from Grammarly website.

LAST, but not least, the Grammarly extension. I cannot tell you how many times this extension has saved me from sending something that I have misspelled. I love this extension because it is always nice to have another set of “eyes” to check your spelling and grammar. This could also be beneficial to students to train them to become better writers.

What are your favorite Google chrome extensions? Let me know on her or on Twitter.


Works, M. (2018). Decades of scientific research that started a growth mindset revolution. Retrieved April28, 2018.

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