Teach Your Students to Cite Quickly and Correctly Using Google Scholar

Remember learning how to cite in MLA and APA format in school? It felt like every teacher or professor I had always required different types of citations for assignments. I was always nervous that I was forgetting a comma or a period in the right place. I was confused about why it wasn’t an easy process to cite because you would think the person writing the article would provide it for you in order to receive credit for their publication.

With Google Scholar, you can AUTOMATICALLY generate citations for scholarly articles in MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, and Vancouver formats in just one click. Go to scholar.google.com and search for the article you want to read. Click the quotations button below your article and it will automatically generate the citation format of your choice. If only I had this back in high school when we were creating annotated bibliographies..

You also have the ability to translate your citation into any language you prefer. Please consider using this if you are going back for your masters, specialist, or doctorate degrees. Please also consider showing this to students! This will be a great skill for our students to use in high school, college, and beyond.

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