Using Virtual Reality in Your Classroom is Easier Than You Think

Virtual reality games and businesses have gained a lot of attention in the 21st century. Students can now stand up and explore the unknown by using virtual reality apps on their devices. At first, I was hesitant about using virtual reality in my classroom because it seemed like it would not be user-friendly or would go way over my head. I was seriously mistaken.

There are many ways you can use virtual and augmented reality for every content. Students would much rather explore the unknown than be confined to their desk for 55 minutes. Virtual reality is active learning that is engaging and encourages a generation of explorers!

Investigating Transform Boundaries Using The JigSpace App

Now for the big question, how can I use this in my classroom? I have included a list below of my favorite virtual and augmented reality apps that are user-friendly and can be easily incorporated in your classroom. Keep in mind that some virtual reality tours require virtual reality goggles, but most I found only require a personal device with a camera.
All of the apps listed below are free.

My Favorite Virtual and Augmented Reality Apps

Measure App: Your class can use this app to measure objects using augmented reality. It measures objects and calculates area. This could be used for an introduction to measuring or for a hands on surface area lab!
GeoGebra Augmented Reality App: Students can create 3D shapes and decomposed nets for students to investigate.
GeoGebra 3D Calculator App: Students can create 3D visuals on coordinate planes. This would be great for an introduction to slope unit or a physics unit on vectors!

English Language Arts
Google Expeditions App: Students can experience the life of Shakespeare firsthand! This app also has an augmented reality lesson on The Great Gatsby and The Scarlett Letter. Google Expeditions lessons can also be used for engaging writing prompts. Students could also create a story based on the sequence of pictures that show up in their augmented reality experience.
JigSpace App: Allow students to pick a jig and to write a short story that goes along with it. Students can present their story while showing their augmented reality experience.

BigBang AR App: Students can experience the Big Bang! One of my personal favorites!
Google Expeditions App: Augmented reality lessons on Google Expeditions include; cell organelles, comets, compound machines, DNA and RNA, Discover the Space Race, Exothermic Reactions, and many more! I can not emphasize enough how important it is to use these lessons in Science for students to investigate scientific phenomena.
JigSpace App: Augmented reality lessons on JigSpace include: Methane Combustion Reactions, Inside Planet Earth, Tectonic Plates: Transform and Convergent Boundaries, and many more!

Social Studies:
Google Expeditions App: Augmented reality is not just for Math and Science! There are plenty of Social Studies exploration activities such as; The American Revolution, The Declaration of Independence, The French Revolution, The Revolutionary War, Chinese Dynasties, History of Printing, Native American Artifacts, World War I and II, Roman Life, and the Roaring Twenties!
JigSpace App: Interactive lessons on JigSpace include; The Life of Da Vinci, The Gutenberg Printing Press, D-Day Landing, and more!

Google Arts & Culture App: Google Arts & Culture shows spectacular visuals of museums all over the world. Students can walk around your classroom as if they were standing in the gallery. Travel to the Palace of Versailles or to The J. Paul Getty Museum. I use this one personally because who doesn’t want to experience galleries in other countries for free?
Google Expeditions App:
Activities include; Modern Art Sculpture And Architecture, Art History- Impressionism, Greek Architecture, and many more!

Majority of the activities I listed use augmented reality, but if you want to explore virtual reality you may want to consider using virtual reality goggles!

If you need to purchase one for your class, there is one that I found on Google that is reasonably priced! If you buy a pair of 2, you get a discounted price.
Link is below if interested!

How do you use personally use virtual or augmented reality in your classroom?
Contact me to share your ideas on the blog. I hope you all find something you can incorporate in your classroom this year!

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