Students Can Make Their Own Adventure with Google Forms

Google Form- Go to answer based on section feature!

For a free template of this activity click here:

Question: Why do people enjoy “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, games, and shows?

Viewers are captivated by them because instead of being in the audience, they become part of the show. Students can now choose their own adventure by choosing how they learn! Student-centered classrooms keep students engaged and give them purpose in the lesson.

By using Google Forms go to section based on answer feature, students can choose whether they want to learn in a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic way.

First, create a fresh blank quiz Google form. Add a question that asks students how they want to learn today! Then, we need to add a section for each type of learning style.

Be sure to go back to the very first question and click on the three vertical dots next to the required button! This is the MOST IMPORTANT STEP! This connects the section activities to what the students choose in the first question!

Enjoy a free template of this activity at the beginning of this post!

Have more ideas on how to use this feature on Google Forms? Share them with me on Twitter: @alliebeldin

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